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Alternatives to Torrid's Shenanigans

Let me tell you guys about my day. I have been feeling sick so I was so happy when my package from Torrid finally arrived because I ordered from them Black Friday and the order took a week to process. That should have been my first red flag. I should have known then but I wanted to give them the benefit of a doubt with all the holiday traffic I'm sure they received. -sigh- If you follow me on twitter then you've seen the rant I went on concerning my order. I ordered two pairs of shoes and one pair arrived in less than satisfactory condition.

You guys. You guys. The tongue on the shoe is pretty much coming off and this pisses me off so much. As someone who enjoys fashion and as someone who helps other discover fashion styles for themselves this is not a great representation of a plus size brand. In the full rant I was nice enough to tell Torrid that they no longer have the monopoly on plus size fashion. They can no longer continue to charge outrageous prices (NEVER PAY FULL PRICE AT TORRID! ALWAYS SHOP SALE ITEMS!) for subpar clothing. I had an incident earlier this year where I had a pair of distressed jeans that had patches under the distressing and after drying them I realized the patches were glued and erratically sewn on. The quality was disgustingly bad. I emailed them and was told that my comment would be taken into consideration and then I was issued a $10 credit. If you don't know much about Torrid then like a lot of other retailers $10 doesn't go far. After receiving these shoes I won't be shopping with them again.

I know it's the holidays and a lot of ladies will be receiving gift cards and I wanted to make sure that my plus sized ladies know that they have options. A lot of straight sized retailers offer plus size options online and even more are starting to offer them in store also. What I did was I put together a few options for what $100 will get you at places other than Torrid.

Please note that Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are "fast fashion" retailers which means they mass produce trendy clothes and may not always have the best quality but the price point can't be beat. Torrid's model is trendy but at what they consider a higher quality. That is definitely not true.

I hope this list helps and inspires you to continue searching for clothing that is worthy of your money and stop settling for retailers that overprice and under perform.

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