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Can We Talk About Balmain?

As a stylist I'm always shopping based on a budget that usually does not include high end fashion. That does not stop me from wondering into the "sort from highest to lowest" section of websites and straying from the clearance racks long enough to find something worth drooling over. I know I'm late to the Balmain party but listen. Listen.

I saw these and my life changed. I know people will think they are gaudy but stay with me. 
I couldn't resist. This look is for the prom queen reject, the sage burning, new age, living in Los Angeles, thrifted the WHOLE OUTFIT chick. This chick sleeps until 3, consults her guides before leaving the house and is always backstage looking bored. I love this look and I need these boots. 

So, it started there. The boots sent me down a Balmain rabbit hole that has me thirsting after pieces that are currently out of my budget and size range but I thought you guys might enjoy a couple looks that I've worked on and if you're interested in seeing more luxury stylings from me then let me know! It's always fun to play dress up and escape reality for a bit. Also, see if you can guess which piece is by Balmain. Answers below.
Hover over each item for details

Look 1:
Balmain III

Look 2:
Balmain IV

Look 3:
Balmain I

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