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I Hate My Body... |Dear Fat Girl| @RavingsByRae

First of all, if you are not following Sarah Rae Vargas on YouTube then I don't know what you're doing with your life and why you're late to the party. Do it. Sarah is a plus size blogger/vlogger and her channel features different series including this one which is called Dear Fat Girl. Dear Fat Girl is an advice series that focuses on different topics that relate to being a fat girl. Her entire channel is so beautiful if you're looking for advice on fashion, love, sex, and just life as a fat girl. This video is easily my favorite because it comes at a time when people are making their New Year's Resolutions and vowing to love their bodies once they are "perfect" and this video is a response to that. This video talks about why you should love your body no matter what it looks like or the imperfections that you may think you have. Watch the video, watch more of Sarah's videos (including her vlog channel), and subscribe. I know you will love her content because she tells it like it is and will make you belly laugh and hopefully you'll learn a few things in the meantime.

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