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When You've Got Balmain Dreams But Not Balmain Pockets Or Thighs. @RiverIsland Got You

I love fashion, but I'm always on colored people time when it comes to looks and stores. Also, this post is for my plus sized babies. The rest of you can head over to River Island and shop on your own. Be blessed.

Plus Sized River Island Look

Plus Sized River Island Look by nikkiniicole-1 featuring River Island

So if you missed my Balmain post politely direct yourself there now to catch up. So now that I'm on to Balmain I have all these couture dreams and aspirations but not the income. I'm not one for income tax flossing, I don't make 5 figures a month yet, but I still dream about one day being able to walk into a store and eeny meeny miny moe an item or 5 off the shelf with no budget in mind. Honestly? I might could do that at River Island..... It might be the come up for me and my forever moody teenage self. I've mentioned the brand before in passing as just an option for plus sized girls. Today was the first day I ever browsed their website and y'all...... Y'all..... They might be the nail in Torrid's coffin. I say MIGHT because Torrid is still winning because their clothing is very plus size inclusive but River Island's stuff is cute as shit. Everything listed in the picture above is from them and I have yet to find one thing that I wouldn't wear. Now of course I can't give them the seal of approval until I actually get some of their clothing on my body but what I can do is provide you with a pre-review.

Pre-review (n.) A review based solely on a first impression of the website and not necessarily accurate. Not to be confused with a preview. 

Price The price range appears to be about $20 more than what you'd pay at Torrid but I'm interested in seeing if the quality is better. I would much rather pay $60 for a well made shirt that will have staying power in my closet vs $40 for a thin t shirt with a reference to a show that might not be relevant in 2 years. 

Size Range Shirts and pants range from 14-24 US

Variety The look at River Island can be classified as edgy staples with flirty pieces sprinkled in. They sell tops, bottoms, rompers, accessories, shoes, and bags. They also have straight sizes, petites, mens, and teens. 

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That's it for this Pre-review! I can't wait to get my hands on some (or all) of these items. What do you think of the clothing? Have you shopped with them before? Have any advice or shipping horror stories? Let me know in the comments and look out for a full review coming in the future! 

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