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Happy #NordstromMonday @Nordstrom

I know, it's been a month. I'm sorry.

 If you follow me on Twitter then you would know that I've expressed my love for this quirky side of Nordstrom. I don't know who curates their different collections but I want to know how they got inside of my head. Their novelty gifts section is my home goals. If I could completely decorate a house in whimsical items they would all be from this store. I'm obsessed. Sorry not sorry. This is such a weird thing for me because if you follow me on Pinterest you would know that I also have been pinning alot of plus size clothing from Nordstrom. Back in the day, this was the store my grandma shopped at. She worked two full time jobs and always wanted to be fancy at her work events and such. This was the image I had of Nordstrom, old ladies trying to be fancy at their work and social events. This isn't to say that they haven't changed. I get email notifications via Ebates from them and sometimes I wonder why. I dream of $1,500 purses but I can't purchase one yet. When I am ready for that I dream of taking my Starbucks Frap into Nordstrom Rack and buying with confidence. Yes, I said Nordstrom Rack, I'm still cheap you guys. Anyway, what I wanted to do was to showcase a couple of items each week from this quirky part of Nordstrom. These aren't things you necessarily need but they would look so cute on your desk or in your home.
I want to start with the item that inspired this whole thing.
I'm old enough to remember my Great Grandma having a rotary phone on her wall and for a while it was the only phone line out of the house. I was obsessed with it and of course it wasn't bubble gum pink and it didn't charge us but this phone gives me so many feels! I'm obsessed and will probably buy it. I just want to have it and force people to pay me to make outbound calls. Too much? Link to buy
Okay, you know those super trendy, tacky gold number and letter balloons that are everywhere? I think a Kardashian started the trend or maybe another socialite but you can't see a birthday party, pregnancy announcement or graduation picture on Instagram without them somewhere in the background now. Well if gold isn't your color like me but rose gold is a gift from the heavens then you need this. Either full first name or just your initials to be subtle. These are not balloons. That's right, they're not going to go flat in a week. They are made from resin and thy are made to look like balloons so you can have a party 365. I think I'm going to buy them to decorate my desk. Maybe my initials or WTF, IDK, GTFO, something subtle like that. I work from home so I'm allowed. Link to buy

I mean.... Do I really have to explain Champagne Gummy Bears? Link to buy

That's enough for this week because I could keep going but then this post would be a million words long and then this wouldn't be a series. So what do you think? Anything on the list you need or at least want? I do have to mention that the links are Shopstyle links. 

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